People get into marriage not knowing that they have just made probably the most important decision in their life. From a legal standpoint, it certainly is the most legally significant event in your life, which will have a legal effect on you until the day you die (or you end up in divorce)! And so in a strange but logical way, the best advisers for marriage can be the people who have to deal with those at the end of their marriage. 3 Divorce Lawyers were asked for advice on how to prevent a trip to their office. Here’s what they have to say.

“The fact you are entering into this significant legal contract and most people have ZERO idea what’s actually involved in that contract and spend more time deciding on what kind of cake they should have at the event, is a really strange thing to me.”

James Sexton

Relationship Advice From Divorce Lawyers

1. Understand that you are entering a VERY serious legal commitment.

2. Know exactly what you want in a spouse and realise that they may not change.

3. Talk about Finances – force this conversation Even if it’s awkward.

4. An exciting girlfriend/boyfriend may not make a good spouse. Dating is very different from marriage.

5. If you have to go through a divorce, always stay calm. Be at your best, because you have to be at your clearest at this moment.

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