I’m starting a new writing experiment. It could be a success, or it could fail (that’s the beauty and essence of experiments!). My last one – where I wrote one reflection every single day for a whole year–366 days (it was a leap year and in the middle of the last great pandemic)- was a happy and meaningful experience, so I’m hoping this experiment proves to be a meaningful one too.

I call it ✉️ Letters from 🏡 Casa Santillan, my ☕ caffeine powered thoughts on 🫂 Culture & Society, 🚀 Organisations & Leadership, ⚡ Productivity & Flow, ✝️ Psychology & Spirituality, written from my home here in Singapore 🇸🇬, and sent as letters to your inbox once a week (hope it doesn’t go to spam! But that’s probably part of the experiment.) I have a good feeling about this. If only because I’m going back to my first love: writing.

I learn as I’m doing this since there is no road and it’s my first time to dabble in this new format of newsletters. The road will be made by walking it. Walk with me and subscribe by clicking here.


Would ❤️ to hear what you think. 🔆 Share your thoughts below. 👇 ⁠

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