When you are confused about your life and don’t know where you are headed, it is good to pause and just surrender your story to the God of History. Your story only makes sense in the context of a bigger story.

Today, imagine that your life is a book–a thick book that tells your story–everything that has happened to you, both the things you remember and the things you don’t, the things that are known, and the things that you want to keep secret. Place that book before God today, and pray this aloud:

My Lord God,
I started out with a lot of hope and faith and trust
That my life will amount to something,
That my story is meaningful
And that my story will have a happy ending.

But sometimes, meaning is hard to come by
And I honestly do not know what is happening to me
And what all these mean.
I do not know where I am headed
I do not know how my story will end.

And I am very afraid that I am wasting my life,
The only life you have given me to live.

But it is when things do not make sense the most that I put my trust in you.
I say YES to you, even if I do not understand what that YES means.
I know that no matter where I am, no matter what state I am in, you are with me.

Give me hope. Give me peace.
I offer you my story.
I offer you my life.
It is no longer mine, but yours.


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