It’s been 215 (of 365) Days since we started this journey of #PrayersWrappedInQuotes!⁠ ⁠🙏 🕯️ REFLECTION GUIDE below ⬇️⁠

😊 as you read this! Your day is going to be awesome after spending the next 10 mins reflecting!⁠

🕯️: ⁠Today will be a contemplation of our capacity to hurt other people. I invite you to think of two or three people you have hurt in the past. Who are they? How did you hurt them? Through words? Through your actions? By not fulfilling something you said you would? ⁠

Now look at those two or three situations of hurt from a more objective and reflexive view: is there a pattern forming? What is that pattern? ⁠

Now listen to your heart. What is it that you can do to stop that pattern? Today, are you being invited to do something for those people you have hurt in the past? What is that invitation? 

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