Today we pray that we be filled with the fervor of that day we first fell in love with God. We may have become cynical and hurt, maybe because our prayers have not been answered, or answered in the particular way we wanted it answered (weren’t we specific enough?!). Or we’re probably just tired or stressed, or busy. When we are busy with work, it is prayer that is usually the first to be eased out of our schedules.

So today we ask for the grace to desire nothing else but God. We pray that we love God again. We know that God loves us–it is an intellectual, cognitive knowledge that we have been told or have even told ourselves. So do not ask God to love you today. Ask God to give you the grace to love Him and really FEEL it. Then listen to this song as you tell Him in your heart over and over again, “I love You, God.”

You Fill My Heart
Music by: Arnel Aquino, SJ
Performed by: Oggie Benipayo

You fill my heart full with sighs,
Breathless they dance in the sky.
And when You whisper Your sad lullaby,
Tears fill my eyes.

You fill my night full with stars,
Restless my soul seeks Your eyes.
Soon as it shimmers, Your smile in the night,
Dreams fall into flight.

I long to be Your child,
Your song to fill this dark night,
Light for the lost in this lonely exile.
I need to hear Your word,
To be near You in this scarred world
One little sound is a song if it soars in Your heart.

I’ll fill your world full with love,
Roses shall rain from the skies.
And as they scatter, gather the flowers
He shall reign in our lives.

As long as you’re His child,
His song shall fill your dark night,
Light when you’re lost in this lonely exile.
We need to hear His Word.
Would you bleed to heal His scarred world?
Your little thorn is a rose if it grows in His heart.

As long as you believe,
Roses shall rain from the skies.

2 thoughts on “#17: You Fill My Heart

  1. Where can I purchase the Octavo /music sheet of “You Fill My Heart” by Arnel Aquino SJ
    can you lead me to this website or name of place or publication


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