It’s been 214 (of 365) Days since we started this journey of #PrayersWrappedInQuotes!⁠ ⁠🙏 🕯️ REFLECTION GUIDE below ⬇️⁠

😊 as you read this! Your day is going to be awesome after spending the next 10 mins reflecting!⁠

🕯️: ⁠Sometimes, we can be very defensive about our dreams, maybe because we are more concerned about what others say than what our own heart says. This is a problem: when we listen too much to the negativity of other people, we lose our focus on what we really want. ⁠

You will find that on your journey to fulfilling your dreams the people closest to you may have difficulty understanding what it is you have been called to do. They will feel in their hearts that they have your best interest at heart. And you will feel it too. But don’t waste time trying to explain, prove, or even make them believe in you. ⁠

Just keep going, working, listening to that still small voice, and believing in yourself. You are under no obligation to make sense to anyone. ⁠

Today, I invite you to pause on your journey and ask if you are (still) moving in the direction of your dreams or if you have been waylaid because of what other people have said to you? How have you been INFLUENCED OUT of your dreams? What can you do today to get back on track?⁠

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