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by Christine Ferrera

I have been receiving lots of questions about Crossfit and some of the workouts that I share in my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook account.

I’m sharing my own Crossfit story with hope that I get to answer most of those queries.

YES. I am a Crossfitter. And I RUN.

Question: What is Crossfit?

CROSSFIT 101-2timothy-140322

Question: Why do you Crossfit? And how long have you been doing Crossfit?

I shared this before on why I Crossfit.

I have been doing Crossfit since they landed in the Philippines. Yes, way back November 2010, when the first Crossfit box in Libis is yet to be built. I am one of the pioneer members who joined Crossfit Mnl Libis in 2011 and have been hooked since then. The workouts have been part of my regular training programs. The programming for CFMnl is geared towards General Physical Preparedness (GPP) and I have seen transformations from the people I have worked out with, some of them even competed in the Crossfit Regionals last year. As a runner, Crossfit is my cross training. There are times that I need to scale down on the WOD or request the Coach for another workout whenever it doesn’t complement my running workouts for that week. Two weeks before my race (for A-race only), I would stop doing Crossfit to allow my body to fully recover.

A few years into Crossfit, I came across Crossfit Endurance. CrossFit Endurance (CFE) uses short, high-intensity intervals to help athletes prep for distance running events. The workouts offer the same results as logging multiple miles per day, but put less wear and tear on the body. The programming allowed me to Crossfit even before or after a race week. I still do the regular Crossfit workouts at the box whenever my schedule permits and I am missing my Crossfit friends and the community. Sometimes, I do the workouts at home which is not ideal as you wouldn’t have the complete Crossfit experience – Rogue plates, amazing support from box-mates and a Coach to correct you.

Question: Does it work for you?
YES. It allows me to juggle training time with my work schedule. Instead of running for hours, I would complement it with squats, deadlifts, plyo or a WOD. I have finished several ultramarathons without the need to burn the roads for hours on weekends and I am still able to spend time for other things that matters like family and friends even during training. I think the most important help for me is the TIME factor; my training time is less regardless of the distance I am preparing for.

Question: Will it help me become a better runner?

Yes and No.

NO. If you are just starting with Crossfit, don’t expect to run your best 10k immediately. (After my first Crossfit workout, my quads were so sore that I had to stop my run intervals after two reps.) It’s also about timing on when you will reap the gain of the workout. ” If you just finished intense workout like Fran, don’t expect an A-race the following day or days after when you have DOMS in full effect.” Okay, maybe not for all. I know some like my friend whom we call GG-bear who is lucky to get to get a marathon PR two days after doing back to back WOD and with no proper marathon preparation. But I don’t recommend that, (Yes, she’s some sort of a machine or something we joke as a “psycho”.)

YES. To be an efficient runner you can’t be just running. Strength training is one of the single most important non-running aspects of training that can help you become a better runner.

Question: What are the workouts that I should do?

My Crossfit Endurance program would normally consist of 1) weight lifting/strength training which more or less similar to traditional weight lifting -The volume would depend on how close it is to race day so weights and repetitions would vary. 2. Workouts or Met-Con – It would also have explosiveness training which involves light weight and fast movements. 3. Circuit training or tabata like workouts are also integrated into it. I find it fitting especially after coming from off-season to burn all the calories gained and get the fitness back. 4. Sports Specific Workout – I run 3 times a week. I also do race specific training run depending on the upcoming race like heat training or running at night. 4. Healthy Diet – I follow the paleo diet but not so strictly. I learned this from Crossfit (years ago, I can eat three cups of rice!) My mantra is eat healthy but don’t deprive yourself. i.e., If everyone is eating pizza at work, don’t kill the fun by taking out your brocolli and chicken pack lunch. Eating healthy keeps me less sore from my workouts. I also drink alkaline water and buco juice daily to maintain a good electrolytes balance.

You can actually check out www.crossfitendurance.com or www.cfmnl.com as workouts are regularly posted. However, it is best to do it with a Coach or a box who can do the programming for you and most importantly teach you the proper form. Believe me, it took years for me to learn how to handle the barbell well and until now I still am learning. A Crossfit box also ensures you have the mobility for you to be able to do the workouts well and reap the gains you want to achieve.

Question: What are the strength training that you do? What weights do you lift?

It varies. It’s a combination of gymnastics, plyometrics, weightlifting and running.
Deadlifts and Squats are my favorite exercises.

Question: How do you keep up with the schedule of training?

The workouts I do are short but intense so I can squeeze them in the morning or during lunchtime. At the end of the day, workouts are a small percentage of your total waking hours in a day. You can have all the time in the world but if the motivation is not there you can always come up with excuses. I also do! There are days when I do not want to get out of bed or would just like to stay on the couch and watch TV. But I choose not to… most of the time!

We are all born weak and we will die weak….I’ve chosen to be strong in between. I hope you’ll make the same choice!

Tin Ferrera

About Christine Ferrera

Tin started seriously running in May 2009. Two years and many marathons later, she conquered the Bataan Death March Ultramarathon–102 kilometres and a year after, the 160 kilometer distance. She is a busy management consultant and runs several businesses, but she always finds time to run, knowing that running is a great metaphor for life. Because her favourite bible passage is from Paul’s Letter to Timothy: “I have fought the good fight. I have completed the race. I have kept the faith.” (2Timothy 4:7), she writes about her experiences in running and life in 2timothy.com. Check out more of her posts there and follow her tweets at @XtineFerrera.

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