Our feelings are not our identity—they do not define us, and they’re definitely not our destiny. To be obsessed about our own feelings is not to be able to look outside ourselves and take on the shoes of another person. A psychologist (for the life of me, I forgot who it was!) once said that this is the modern day narcissism—to focus on our feelings too much and make it our whole reality.

So maybe the world will be a much better place if we stop saying “I am afraid,” and start saying “I FEEL afraid.” Or say “I FEEL like a loser,” instead of “I AM a loser.” And yes, it would be even better if we say “I feel great,” instead of “I AM great.” We are much more than our feelings. The day we see the difference between the two is the day we see the difference between what we CAN do and what we ALLOW ourselves to go through. What we feel now is not who we will be in the future. Feelings come and go.

We remain.

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