This is a beautiful (and funny!) and deep interview of Will Smith by Trevor Noah. They discuss several topics, but I’d like to highlight two important things:

  1. Losing our sense of what we SHOULD be or what we OUGHT to be (and losing our fear of other people’s expectations) is one of the greatest (and most satisfying) growths we can experience in our lives.
  2. There is a vulnerability to ageing — it starts with accepting that you cannot undo things. But also the greatest vulnerability is accepting that every person’s journey is personal — even and especially your children’s journeys!

Nobody can know for you… With my kids, I have learned to be humble and not wanting to be on them as if I could possibly know the decisions that they have to make. I have learned to trust that the same God who held my hand through the world is going to hold theirs. And I’m there to support their journey, not to force mine upon them.

Will Smith

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