Today is the feast day of a great man, one of the best men who have ever lived that we know: St. Francis of Assisi.

And this version of his prayer is one of the best I know. Today, listen to the song, and pray that you may have peace.

Prayer of St. Francis
by Ryan Cayabyab
performed by: Pauline Cauton, Carlo Santos, and Eric Bolante

Il Signore, mi rende unostrumento della vostra pace
Lord make me, make me an instrument of your peace

Dove ci e oddio, lascarlo seminare l’amore
Where there is hatred, let me sow love
Dove ci e ferita, ferdono
Where there is injury, pardon
Dove ci e dub bio, fede
Where there is doubt, faith
Dove ci e desperazione, sperare
Where there’s despair, hope
Dove ci e nereza, illuminarsi
Where there is darkness, light
Dove ci e la trizteza, gio-a
where there is sadness, joy

* Oh Divine Master, grant that i may not so much seek..
to be consoled, as to console..
to be understood, as to understand..
to be loved, as to love (as to love..)

for it is in giving, that we received..
it is in pardoning, that we are pardoned..
it is in dying, that we are born again..
it is in dying, that we are born again..
it is in dying, that we are born again.. to eternal life..
(Il Signore, mi rende unostrumento dela vostra pace)

Lord make me, (Il signore)make me an instrument..
of your peace.

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