Every day we make decisions that shape our destiny.

Think about it, when we look back at the last 10 years of our lives, we would probably see real TURNING POINTS. We have made life-changing, destiny-altering decisions; decisions that are so important that if we had made a completely different one, our lives would have been completely different. I have about a couple of that.

If I had made a different decision, my life would not be what it is now. Not necessarily better, or worse, but different. The possibility is mindboggling. And because I made the decision I made, my world has changed. I would not be able to go where I would have been if I had not made the decisions I made; but I will also have the capacity to do things I would not have done if I had not made that decision. The people I will meet, the things I will see, the activities I will do, these are all shaped by choices we make today, at this very moment.

Decisions shape our destiny. Our choices matter because it changes the world.

The history of our world is about man or woman making life-defining decisions that changed the world. A Roman Emperor named Constantine dreamed about a cross and made Christianity the official religion of his Empire. A man named Abraham Lincoln fought for emancipation at a time when it was so unpopular. A guy named Mao Zedong studied Karl Marx and Communism and changed a country and the world. A black woman named Rosa Parks just refused to stand up at the back of a bus and changed the whole civil rights movement. A Bishop named Jaime Cardinal Sin called on his countrymen to protect a small rebel military force that faced the might of a dictator. Two guys named Larry Page and Sergey Brin had this wonderful idea, acted on it, decided not to sell it to the giant companies at that time and became a giant company named Google. Just imagine a world if a guy named Howard Schultz did not follow his dream and created a totally new coffeeshop concept named Starbucks! I would be doing this blog in a completely different ambiance—I shudder to think what posts I would have came up with. Or what if your mom chose to work in a different company and never met your dad? You wouldn’t be reading this post at all!

And every day, somewhere out there, a man or a woman is making a decision that will change the world. Today, the cure of cancer is being formulated. Today, men and women are doing something to save the environment from ultimate destruction. Today, a man and a woman will meet in a restaurant and decide to get married, and their child will change the destiny of their country. Today, a man will decide to live or die and that will make a huge difference to his family for years to come.

Our decisions shape our destiny and the destiny of the world.

Volo Ergo Sum.

I choose, therefore I am.

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