It’s been 232 (of 365) Days since we started this journey of #PrayersWrappedInQuotes!⁠ ⁠🙏 🕯️ REFLECTION GUIDE below ⬇️⁠

😊 as you read this! Your day is going to be awesome after spending the next 10 mins reflecting!⁠

🕯️: In Paolo Coelho’s The Alchemist, we see Santiago journey into the world, and then find the treasure back where he started off in the first place. That’s the parable of spiritual journeys: the treasure is as much the journey, as it is the gold itself. ⁠

And in our journey out of ourselves, the treasure is finding out that in the end, when all is said and done, it is not about what we have accomplished or what we have acquired, it is that WE ARE ENOUGH. ⁠

Today I invite you to begin this journey by taking some time to quiet down and focus on your breath. Just focus on your breath for one hundred counts. ⁠

On the 11th count, start saying this word with every breath: “ENOUGH…” What does that word mean to you right now? ⁠

On the 20th count, say this with every breath: “I AM ENOUGH…” ⁠
‘Listen’ to your feelings as you say this. What do you feel? Are you becoming anxious or irritated or impatient? If you are, you are focusing too much on the number. Forget the count and just say “I AM ENOUGH.” ⁠

When you’re ready, just go back to silence and your breathing. And then take 5 more deep breaths. And end your time with a big smile on your face! Get back to the day refreshed and more aware of your goodness. ⁠

Would ❤️ to hear what you think. 🔆 Share your thoughts below. 👇 ⁠

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Would ❤️ to hear what you think. 🔆 Share your thoughts below. 👇 ⁠

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