It’s been 223 (of 365) Days since we started this journey of #PrayersWrappedInQuotes!⁠ ⁠🙏

😊 as you read this! Your day is going to be awesome after spending the next 10 mins reflecting!⁠

🕯️: Today, as you start your week, I invite you to reflect on the things that cost you your peace. What have been costing your peace lately? What have been causing your worries and what has been causing you to fear? ⁠

One of the best life skills you can ever learn is PATTERN IDENTIFICATION. It’s better than other skills you can learn in life — because pattern identification helps you make sense of the chaos around you. So today, look for patterns of worry and fear. What is costing your peace? ⁠

Anything that costs you your peace is too expensive. Plan out what you can do about it. ⁠

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