Being in a country devoid of religion (although it is debatably spiritual–since you cannot stamp that out of humanity no matter how much you try), I am encouraged to look for ways to cultivate spirituality, and help myself find some quiet time in the middle of a busy day. And I’ve decided to share it to other people.

This is my newest project: Prayers of a Pilgrim. You can use it as a daily devotional and companion to your prayer (the weekday prayers are posted every 530AM, UTC +8:00). The text itself takes about 2 minutes or less to read. But it comes with a short call to reflection and it might be good to spend some more time on this part. It’s time well spent–10 minutes or so that can actually change the trajectory of your day. You can bookmark it on your browser, and I’ve set up a mobile version that you can read on your phone, or you can look for the FOLLOW link so you receive a daily email from me.

This is a blog of prayers and poems, of joys and pains, of desires and dreams. The prayers of the pilgrim are real and truthful, nothing held back, nothing edited. Because ultimately, that is what prayer is all about: the truth about ourselves, our relationships, our world, and our God.

The Link to Prayers of a Pilgrim is here!!

Would ❤️ to hear what you think. 🔆 Share your thoughts below. 👇 ⁠

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