A spiritual director of mine, Fr. Vic Baltazar, described grace this way: id quod volo. It means THAT WHICH I DESIRE THE MOST. Grace is: that which we desire the most–even before we know it, even before it is right in front of our face, even before our feelings and emotions starts to kick in. You know that experience of meeting someone after not seeing him/her in a long time and realizing that you have missed him? That is akin to grace–sometimes you do not know you have desired it until you are experiencing it–and then you realize, yes, this is what I have desired the most!

Today, we pray this prayer by Joseph Tetlow with that deep understanding of grace in mind. We pray that we fully choose to desire God. We pray for this grace today.

I Choose to Breath the Breath of Christ
Joseph Tetlow, SJ

I choose to breathe the breath of Christ
that makes all life holy.
I choose to live the flesh of Christ
that outlasts sin’s corrosion and decay.
I choose the blood of Christ
along my veins and in my heart
that dizzies me with joy.
I choose the living waters flowing from his side
to wash and clean my own self and the world itself.
I choose the awful agony of Christ
to charge my senseless sorrows with meaning
and to make my pain pregnant with power.
I choose you, good Jesus, you know.
I choose you, good Lord;
count me among the victories
that you have won in bitter woundedness.
Never number me among those alien to you.
Make me safe from all that seeks to destroy me.
Summon me to come to you.
Stand me solid among angels and saints
chanting yes to all you have done,
exulting in all you mean to do forever and ever.
Then for this time, Father of all,
keep me, from the core of my self,
choosing Christ in the world. Amen.

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