#187: Desiderata

A desiderata is something that is needed or wanted--a requirement. For me, it could also mean what is essential -- that which is needed so much that if it's not there, things will not be the same. What in your life is an essential? What in your life is that which is needed so much … Continue reading #187: Desiderata


Several weeks ago, I got a call from two of my former students. Their dad died suddenly catching everyone by surprise. They flew in from Cebu early morning. I met them at the hospital and was there during the whole ordeal. This was what I wrote while all this was happening. I've always had some difficulty in front of pain and suffering. This was my way of expressing the frustration as well as the respect that I feel every time I face death.

Bread and Fish

When I was a Jesuit and assigned to the Ateneo Christian Life Community in Ateneo de Manila, I directed a first year college student named Robbie Paraan for his first 5 Day Retreat. We became good friends afterwards. He eventually became OAC (Over All Coordinator/President) of the organization, graduated from college, and worked in HSBC.