Settling Down and Settling In

There’s something to say about marriage as settling down. For some, it is a literal settling down -- i.e. living a much quieter life compared to  the life of being single. For others, it is the beginning of settling in -- becoming gradually familiar with this new way of living because you are going to live that for the rest … Continue reading Settling Down and Settling In

Love Always Wins

My friends Mikki and Iris got married last Saturday. It was a beautiful wedding full of laughter and a lot of tears (most of it from Mikki). I had the privilege of giving the toast along with Iris' sister. The original plan was for me to give the homily and years ago, in a retreat, I made the homily already. But things happened and that first wedding did not push through (THAT is a story that can be made into a soap opera) and I left the Society.