The algorithm of what’s happening in the world today: Faith – Vulnerability or Mystery = Extremism.

Brene Brown

It’s when we use our faith/religion as our main mouthpiece— a way to bulldoze and bully other people’s beliefs that we do what goes against religion in its most basic essence.

Religion, I was told in high school, comes from the word RELIGAREto bind. To be bound is to be vulnerable, to be led to places we do not fully know, to be in the dark sometimes, to be before mystery, to know that you do not know everything there is to know about God and the world, and that is why you are open to listening to other points of view.

Demanding compliance of yourself and of other people is not Faith, it is Extremism. When you’ve got all the answers, don’t call what you have faith. It is not. There is no God at the other end of that relationship.

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