Today, we listen to a group of young Jesuits from the Philippines do their own version of two pop songs. It is sometimes weird to use fast pop songs as prayer, but when you listen intently to what these songs have to say, they tell us a truth about God. St. Ignatius of Loyola always reminds us that we can find God in all things. It is oftentimes our human incapacity that limits us from seeing God in the mundane, and in the seemingly non-religious. We limit God’s ability to talk to us, find His way to us, because the medium doesn’t seem “churchy” enough.

We change that mindset today.

Listen to these two songs by Pink and Bruno Mars, and imagine God talking to you in these two songs. You might want to repeat the video over and over again if you have time. Let that be your prayer today.

Would ❤️ to hear what you think. 🔆 Share your thoughts below. 👇 ⁠

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