Tantas Cosas means “so much”.

Pedro Arrupe is the 28th Superior General of the Society of Jesus. He said these words in his final address to the Society of Jesus as General after his resignation was accepted in 1983. And so we look at these words with the eyes of one who was at the tail-end of his life, but still has so much to say and offer.

We can look at retirement as the end of things. But we can also look at it as a Re-Tire — giving us the image of a car whose tires are worn out, but has been replaced. To re-tire then is to be renewed, to find one’s purpose all over again.

We ask for this grace of re-tire-ment today. Let us pause and reflect and find our purpose all over again. And may we find that there is still so much to offer. Tantas Cosas.

Tantas Cosas
Pedru Arrupe, SJ

To each one of you in particular
I would love to say –
tantas cosas: so much, really.
From our young people I ask
that they live in the presence of God
and grow in holiness,
as the best preparation for the future.
Let them surrender to the will of God,
at once so awesome and so familiar.
With those who are
at the peak of their apostolic activity,
I plead that they do not
burn themselves out.
Let them find a proper balance
by centering their lives on God,
– not on their work –
with an eye to the needs of the world,
and a thought for the millions
that do not know God
or behave as if they did not.
All are called to know and serve God.
What a wonderful mission
has been entrusted to us:
to bring all to the knowledge
and love of Christ!
On those of my age I urge openness:
let us learn what must be done now,
and do it with a will.

For this I offer to the Lord what is left of my life,
my prayers and the sufferings imposed by my ailments.

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