The prayer for today asks us for the grace of vulnerability. It is a difficult grace to ask for sure, but it is a critical grace to ask if we are to grow in our spiritual life. Sometimes, we’d rather die than be found wanting, or exposed or be found defenceless.

So today we look at the truth of ourselves, and see our long-held defenses for what it is: an illusion.

1. What about myself do I keep from people? What am I afraid of? What’s the worst thing that can happen if they know this?
2. What about myself do I keep from myself Name it. If possible, write it down in your journal. Naming it gives you power over it.

Pray for the grace of vulnerability as you pray…

The Perfect Cup
Joyce Rupp

it is time for me
to see the flaws
of myself
and stop
being alarmed

it is time for me
to halt my drive
for perfection
and to accept
my blemishes

it is time for me
to receive
slowly evolving growth
the kind that comes
in God’s own good time
and pays no heed
to my panicky pushing

it is time for me
to embrace
my humanness
to love
my incompleteness

it is time for me
to cherish
the unwanted
to welcome
the unknown
to treasure
the unfulfilled

if I wait to be
before I love myself
I will always be
and ungrateful

if I wait until
all the flaws, chips,
and cracks disappear
I will be the cup
that stands on the shelf
and is never used

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