“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, said Lao Tzu. A single small step towards the unfamiliar is what enlightens. Curiosity and excitement to take a peek into what lies ahead and what would unravel, is what sets a journey apart from the rigmarole of life. Yet, many complain and prefer the comfy confines of what’s familiar to the exotic and quixotic element of a journey.

There are different types of travelers as there are different types of journeys. While most prefer a comfortable journey with an equally cozy stay, there are intrepid travelers also!

Why Do We Travel?

The most automated reply would be to recharged, to return refreshed’. However, a seasoned traveler goes beyond that, for, his itchy-feet needs a new uncharted route; his expedition needs a new discovery. Undoubtedly, he’s the one who derives maximum out of traveling and doubtlessly, his life is enriched. Those who travel, to get recharged, pass on the burden of an itinerary to a travel-planner and prefer minimum deviation from the set norm. The second also plans but is the one who enjoys the trip the most.
It’s said, It takes all kinds of people to paint the world’. Whoever has adjusted to this assortment, needless to say has mastered the art of human relations. Juxtapose this truth to travel and you’d realize the enormity of this truth.

How to Have Fun While Traveling

It’s a pity that very few people set aside time to travel, because when they travel it’s usually to visit long lost friends or enjoy a vacation on the same spot with family. It’s too late when realization dawns reminding them about the narrow route they have traversed. The question is how to have fun while traveling?

1. Expect the unexpected
While it is a must that you have an itinerary in hand, ensure that your destination has the most unique that the world has to offer. It’s natural to take off to the most beaten track. But, do make sure that you do go off track too and leave a mark for others to follow. You may discover an absolutely uncharted path. Take it! Read about it so that you are better equipped to take this uncharted path. You’re sure to become the life of a party soon!

2. Enjoy the Culture
Yes, you may experience a culture-shock but doesn’t that make your trip more fascinating? One never, when an absolute stranger could become your best chum for life! See what you can imbibe from cultures and see what you can teach by way of example. Getting acquainted with quaint cultures, alien customs and foreigners can be truly enriching and rewarding.

3. Appreciate What You Get
Of course, the ultimate in luxury is enjoyable. However, there’s a certain ecstasy in journeying on backpack or travelling without the basics in place. You may not get everything in a platter. But after a weary or tortuous journey, when you finally arrive even the most bland victuals would seem heavenly. It’s amazing how divine a simple cuisine put up by a remote settlement may seem!

Take time to rise early to watch the sunrise. Plan to spend some quiet moments sipping wine and watching the sun slip silently into the horizon.
Observe nature. As the undulating green hills give way to arid land, which in turn makes way for mighty oceans or picturesque hamlets, you’d be left marveling at variations in Nature’s tapestry.

4. Enjoy the Difference
If you enjoy a pampering session at the spa, plan a journey where you have to put up with the bare minimum. Living atop tree-houses, camping in tents, walking a mile or straddling a steed, are enlivening.

Get drenched beneath a waterfall. Bathe in cold water. It can be invigorating. Shun being creatures of comfort and try something unusual.

5. Mingle with the Crowd
Moments of solitude are as welcome as mingling with a crowd is. If travelling alone, the company of total strangers can be riveting. Do in Rome as Romans do. Celebrating differences but finding common ground in no time, gives you a fresh perspective of life and its people!

6. Dealing with Troubleshooting
Traffic snarls, uncouth co-passengers, unpredictable weather, changes in travel plans, unpalatable food are all exasperating conditions. Life’s a journey! Plan well so that traffic snarls do not dampen your plans. Set an example by your own elegant behavior for churlish passengers to follow. Be armed to meet climatic changes. While hygiene matters the most, do give your star hotels a miss and delve into the street for native cuisine.

If your idea of fun is going wild, then check if others around you believe in the same. If not, spend time talking with co-passengers. You’d get the best nuggets of wisdom regarding the weather, timing etc! Observe and see what’s in it for you. Another family could be a fountainhead of wisdom. Grasp all that you can.

7. Spot the Difference
Do not hanker after the familiar. Look for the weird and the exotic. Attend the city’s music concert, buy the quintessential music that the place has to offer, buy the fancy stuff that natives adorn. It’s in the unheard of strains’ that you may find the rhythm of your life; it’s in the unique warp and weft that you’ll make a fashion statement!

Be determined to have fun and make the journey pleasant for everyone.

Remember, when travelling to the USA, ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) is available. For passengers traveling to the United States, ESTA ensures maximum safety for all concerned.

[by Sophie Samuel]

About Sophie Samuel

Sophie Samuel is a blogger from London in UK. She loves to write articles on Technology, Finance, Health, Travel and Finance. Right now she is doing research on ESTA and gathering information about the procedure of esta visa.

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  1. Love it! I just took a 2.5 week backpacking trip in Republic of Georgia and it was life changing……You never call 2.5 weeks sitting in a cube life changing 🙂


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