I wrote this as a reminder, because I need reminding during the times I forget.

I wrote this as a personal challenge, because I aspire to be the best I can be in the relationship I’m in and having this guide is so much better than having none. Sometimes a map is needed so you don’t get lost too much (although in another context, getting lost is actually a good thing!).

I wrote this as a prayer, because we all hope that we can be better people. Because while we know how difficult a relationship can be, we also know that it is possible to be in healthy relationships that give us meaning, and make us better people.

In the end, my desire is that boyfriends (or husbands) read this, and learn; and that girlfriends (or wives) read this and realize that they should not to take crap from their boyfriends anymore. And for both to struggle to live this out in their lives.

Download the BF Manifesto in PDF and share away: THE BF MANIFESTO

The BF Manifesto: Guide To Boyfriends.
The BF Manifesto: Guide To Boyfriends Everywhere

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