Prayer of the Prodigal Son

This was something I wrote just before I left the Jesuits. It’s a very special poem for me, not only because of the things I went through when I was writing the poem, but because in many ways, it is something that continues to be true for me today. We journey through life thinking that … Continue reading Prayer of the Prodigal Son

The Lady At the Grotto Around 12 Midnight (When No One is Watching)

Many people who visit Baguio and the Lady of Lourdes Grotto do not know that the Jesuit Retreat House called Mirador is on top of it. This is where the Jesuits go every summer for villa (vacation) and retreat. This was written many years ago when I saw hundreds of people go up the steps of the Grotto on a particularly busy Saturday. I prayed to Mary just when it was around 12 midnight, no one else was there, and I imagined this scene take place...


Several weeks ago, I got a call from two of my former students. Their dad died suddenly catching everyone by surprise. They flew in from Cebu early morning. I met them at the hospital and was there during the whole ordeal.

This was what I wrote while all this was happening. I've always had some difficulty in front of pain and suffering. This was my way of expressing the frustration as well as the respect that I feel every time I face death.