#337: Only Your Love and Your Grace

Today I meditate on the words of Ignatius of Loyola. Very simple, but very profound. And it could be even be very dangerous words, if you really take it seriously. I say it over and over again, like a mantra, until it reaches my heart and takes over my entire being: “Give me only your … Continue reading #337: Only Your Love and Your Grace


Try this little exercise: go to your room, gaze at the stuff you have inside, and examine what is yours. In your mind, attach a tag or label to all that you think you own. You may even use a color-coding scheme to rank your belongings from the most important to the least. Then ask … Continue reading Yours


We used to call him Father Cream Puff, a term of endearment we coined for his gentle style and the puffy way he carried himself on campus. We never would have thought that Georgetown University in Washington DC would name its observatory after him. With Master’s and PhD degrees from Harvard University, Francis J Heyden … Continue reading A

Be a Better Buyer–And A Much Better Person–This New Year!

We live in a world that has become a world of purchase, and acquisition, and one-man upship. Who has the biggest, the many-est, the cutest, the most expensive, has become a symbol of status that confuses us into thinking that how people perceive us is who we are. We can sometimes believe our own hype, … Continue reading Be a Better Buyer–And A Much Better Person–This New Year!