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by Bobby Quitain

The old man and the young lad weep in a tight embrace. Beside them were three important things: the altar of sacrifice, a dagger and a lamb. With tears streaming down his cheeks, the old man lifts his eyes to the heavens and says: “Truly, God provides!”

This was Abraham. This was Isaac. And they were on a mountain in Moriah. Where the faith was tested. Where the love was proven. Where the Lord provided.

We all have our “Moriah Moments” too, don’t we? When the bills are piling up. When the diagnosis isn’t so good. When the business has to be closed down. When the ministry is struggling.

If we had our choice, would we rather get rid of “Moriah Moments”? Would we rather have a comfortable, problem-free, struggle insulated life?

How do you think Abraham would answer these questions? Would he have preferred for the incident in Moriah not to have taken place?

But hold on for a moment. Wasn’t it in Moriah when Abraham’s faith was stretched? And Isaac’s trust for his father strengthened? And the love of a father and son solidified? And where God showed Abraham that He actually does provide?

How about you? Would you rather avoid your “Moriah Moments”?

I won’t.

Yes, they are difficult. Tough. Even painful. But they are necessary.

If only to strengthen one’s faith. If only to shape one’s character. If only to bring one closer to God.

Are you in a “Moriah Moment” now, my friend?

Then let me encourage you to embrace that moment. Learn from it. Grow in it. Be blessed by it.

“Moriah Moments” will pass. But the impact can last, not only for a lifetime, but for eternity.

And when all has been said and done. Be convinced. God truly provides!

About Bobby Quitain

Bobby Quitain is a lawyer, an author, an inspirational speaker and a Catholic lay evangelist. Presently, he serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Lampstand Inspirations, Co. (a service provider of Retreats, Recollections, Youth Camps and Motivational Seminars). He is also the Evangelization Head of Ligaya ng Panginoon Community and the Regional Director of Lingkod ng Panginoon. You can visit his websites here: Lampstand Inspirations and BobbyQuitain.Com.

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