Of Fishermen, Pharaohs and Agnostics

I gave a series of recollections to Ateneo de Manila graduating college students this past school year. What surprised me most of all was how many of these students have become agnostics and atheists. I handled around 10 groups of 40-50 students each, and every group would have around 10 to 15 who would not … Continue reading Of Fishermen, Pharaohs and Agnostics


We lurch when we turn or stop because of an interesting thing called inertia. In physics, this property is all about the tendency of objects to resist any change in its state of motion. Don’t ask me why. No one ever really bothers to ask why. This inertia is associated with matter, about which we … Continue reading Disturb


A beautiful homily on the Martha and Mary story by Fr. Jet Villarin, SJ Poor Martha, there she is, cooking up a storm, slaving away in the kitchen, while Mary her sister is in the living room, sitting “beside the Lord at his feet listening to him speak.” Before long, the envy in Martha grows … Continue reading Serving


by Fr. Jet Villarin, SJ Listen to something lovely and radical happening in the Gospel story today. The uprooting happens when Jesus is invited to dine with Simon the Pharisee. A woman (presumably of the night, “a sinful woman in the city”) gatecrashes the party and begins “to bathe his feet with her tears,”wiping those … Continue reading Much