This one is a classic message: remember the Giver and not just gifts.

As we wrap our gifts for Christmas, as we buy the ingredients to make our Christmas dinner, as we join parties in the next few days, we pause and remember what all this is about. Thank Him for His life. Thank Him for Christmas!

And When We Give Each Other Christmas Gifts
by Sigrid Undset

“And when we give each other Christmas gifts in His name, let us remember that He has given us the sun and the moon and the stars, and the earth with its forests and mountains and oceans–and all that live and move upon them.

“He has given us all green things and everything that blossoms and bears fruit and all that we quarrel about and all that we have misused.

“And to save us from our foolishness, from all our sins, He came down to earth and gave us Himself.”

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