I Hope You Come to Find
by Ita Ford, MM

I hope you come to find that which gives life a deep meaning for you.
Something worth living for–maybe even worth dying for.
Something that energizes you, enthuses you,
Enables you to keep moving ahead.

I can’t tell you what it might be–that’s for you to find,
To choose,
To love.

I can just encourage you to start looking and support you in the search.

On the evening of December 2, 1980, 34 years ago, Maryknoll Sisters Maura Clarke and Ita Ford, Ursuline Sister Dorothy Kazel, and lay missionary Jean Donovan were abducted, raped, and brutally murdered while returning from the airport in San Salvador, El Salvador. Each of the Churchwomen had made the choice to remain in El Salvador despite the growing violence toward the economically poor and the Church.

We remember the four women today, as we say this prayer, inspired from a letter by Ita Ford. It is beautiful in so many ways–not just because it foretells her death, but because of the way it honestly and simply asks you to confront your life.

Confront your life today. What gives you deep meaning at present? At this very moment, what makes your life worth living for? What makes it worth dying for?

Would ❤️ to hear what you think. 🔆 Share your thoughts below. 👇 ⁠

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