We all want to be a hero of some sort when we were younger and much more idealistic. Idealism is not necessarily a bad thing. It is what makes this world a much better place; it is what drives people to make this world a better place than how they found it.

This is a prayer made by a student for the Feast of St. Francis Xavier. It is a good prayer to pray today.

Help Me Become a Hero
Luke Rothan
St. Xavier High School
Cincinnati, Ohio

Help me become a hero—
One who executes both spiritual and physical feats;
One who gives himself up to be a part of something greater;
One who departs on a journey and returns changed.
Help me to emphasize the magis—
One who does his best in every area;
One who strives to be great in all aspects of his life.
Help me become a person with and for others—
One who respects himself as well as others;
One who performs deeds not for himself, but for others.
Help me become a leader—
One who persuades others to do the right thing;
One who guides others through action, not talk.
We pray to you for help, St. Xavier.

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