It is the prayer Jesus taught us, as the priest would remind us at mass. It is Jesus’ special answer to the request: “Lord, teach us to pray.”

How are we supposed to pray? Is there a particular way? Are some prayers better than others? The answer Jesus gave, gives us a sense of the heart of God. He does not teach a method–-like a ‘do this’ or ‘say this’. Rather, he taught a particular way of relating with God. If there is a summary of Jesus’ teachings and life, it is this: FATHER.

That is all. That is everything.

And so when we pray this version of the Our Father today, we remember that we are not asked to pray a certain way, we are asked TO BE a certain person: SON or DAUGHTER. Not cut off from God. Be that son or daughter today as you pray:

The Our Father of Our Generation

Dad (here choose how you call your own father–Papa, Papang, Tatay, Itay, Baba, etc.),
Reveal who you are.
Set the world right–here on earth, as in heaven.

Keep us alive with the food we need,
But more than that: help us become more fully alive to ourselves and to people around us.
Remind us that forgiveness has been given us,
So we are empowered to forgive others as well.
Keep us safe from ourselves, and from powers beyond us.

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