by niemanlab
by niemanlab

This Sunday of the Palms reminds us that while people can give praise, they can also ask for our heads. It is a good reminder that while people’s opinions are important, ultimately, who we are ought not to come from what people think about us. It comes from something much deeper, much more profound, much more lasting than that.

We can’t allow the hype to get to our heads and sway our hearts from what we set out to do, because more often than not, the hype–while attractive and enjoyable –muddles, confuses, and distracts.

The palms — and the praise — are tempting. Enjoy it while it lasts. But know that it is temporary. Jerusalem awaits.

[by Eric Santillan]

About Eric Santillan

AngPeregrino is Eric Santillan. He is a management consultant for two firms specializing in sustainable business, competitiveness and risk management, cost control and culture management. During weekends, he does counselling for Clinica Salutare, an Integrative Health Clinic. He is also a writer for The Mindanao Current, a core group member of Heroic Leadership Philippines, and a retreat giver.

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