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Originally posted in BobbyQuitain.Com for Easter Sunday, this year. Because we all need a good reminding.
by Bobby Quitain

During my preaching last Saturday at the jampacked Pathways-Wide Recollection, I spoke about God’s saving love which has two components: Rescue and Restoration. And this truth is fleshed out in the following true-to-life stories exemplifying sensational recoveries of really amazing people…

Kicked out by his high school for bad behavior. He fixed his life, joined the seminary and became a priest. Today, he is the campus minister of the very school that kicked him out.

Diagnosed to have cancer and was given a few months to live. Survived for five more years and even outlived his cancer doctors who both died of (guess what?)…cancer!

For years, he was practically on the bottom of the list of performing sales people because he was too righteous to do what other sales people in his company did for their clients. He finally won “Salesman of the Year” award for reaching his quota consistently without compromising his values.

Almost left by his family due to his manifold vices, he surrendered his life to God. Today, he is a leader of one of the family-based Catholic groups in the country.

Fired by his company at a not-so-young age. He entrusted his future to God by starting businesses one after another and is today one of the more successful businessmen in the country.

Dismissed by his school for engaging in the business of selling drugs to his fellow students, he sought God’s help and turned his life around. Today, he teaches at the business school of the same school that dismissed him.

God not only saves us, He also helps us back on track. He restores our dignity, re-establishes our self-respect, refurbishes our self-esteem, repairs our relationships and re-awakens our zest for life.

My friend, are you in the dumps, wasted and shattered by life’s twists and turns? This Holy Week, find your way back to God. Seek Him. Find Him. Trust Him.

He not only rescues us from meaninglessness, He also restores us to fullness of life. From a pauper to a prince. From garbage to gold. From nothing to somebody. From darkness to light.

From the cross to the grave, He can give you the power to recover…sensationally!

About Bobby Quitain

Bobby Quitain is a lawyer, an author, an inspirational speaker and a Catholic lay evangelist. Presently, he serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Lampstand Inspirations, Co. (a service provider of Retreats, Recollections, Youth Camps and Motivational Seminars). He is also the Evangelization Head of Ligaya ng Panginoon Community and the Regional Director of Lingkod ng Panginoon. You can visit his websites here: Lampstand Inspirations and BobbyQuitain.Com.

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