The Daily Checklist

Originally posted in ZenHabits.Net. This is a non-religious, but still a very spiritual way to prepare ourselves for the Holy Week. by Leo Baubata Here’s a problem worth solving: am I doing the thing I most need to be doing right now? How do you figure that out? You might be reading this article, but … Continue reading The Daily Checklist

Shaken By Life’s Beauty, Shaken

Originally posted in ZenHabits.Netby Leo Baubata “You lethargic, waiting upon me,waiting for the fire and Iattendant upon you, shaken by your beautyShaken by your beautyShaken.”~William Carlos Williams This morning I awoke, meditated in the quiet dark empty room, and then went to make my coffee. The world outside is wet, and the raindrops patter upon … Continue reading Shaken By Life’s Beauty, Shaken