Turning the Other Cheek

One of the hardest things to swallow in the Gospels is the teaching about turning the other cheek. In Matthew 5:39 Jesus says, “But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also.” A mind-blowing concept indeed. Is he serious? … Continue reading Turning the Other Cheek

Greater Than Death and Absurdity

For the reality of God persists; its notion knocks hard on the doors of minds and imagination. People seem to not stop in talking about it. Blame it on the culture or the institutional Church, perhaps. However, if one chooses to be open and to simply listen, may be one can stumble upon some truth of this reality we call God. Not only an abstract concept or a reality proven by logic. Not only a reality that exists and in which all other beings participate in their existence. Not only a trace of a completely Other. Not only something or someone that can be dismissed in silence. Not only an idea to be talked about.

God’s Greatest Counteroffensive

I just love this first reading for this Sunday’s mass. It is the story of Ahaz, King of Judea, whose Kingdom is about to be attacked by Syria and Israel. Isaiah tells the king to ask Yahweh for a sign to show His faithfulness to Israel. What we do not know is that Ahaz was about to make an alliance with Assyria; and so when Isaiah visits him to ask for a sign, he’s really asking Ahaz to trust Yahweh and not human alliances like the one with Assyria.