#64: Accept Surprises

This is a beautiful prayer. We've always said God is a God of Surprises. We know it cognitively, but when it happens to us personally, it is still disconcerting, unnerving, difficult. We pray that we have the courage and the peace to accept this God of surprises in our lives. Accept Surprises Dom Helder Camara … Continue reading #64: Accept Surprises

#16: Today We Are Asked (Abraham Addressing Sarah’s Fears)

When we are faced with the unknown, we cannot but be afraid. Before the great unknown, there is great fear. But before great fears we encounter an even greater God. This is Abraham, talking to Sarah, before they set off to an unknown land. Recall your own journey to the unknown. It could have happened … Continue reading #16: Today We Are Asked (Abraham Addressing Sarah’s Fears)


When I was about four years old, my parents reminded me, my aunt once gave me a robot. Actually I do remember the robot. It could walk and had these little red missiles on its back. I remember it because it scared me. It must have been the robotic way it walked and the weird … Continue reading Risk


Try this little exercise: go to your room, gaze at the stuff you have inside, and examine what is yours. In your mind, attach a tag or label to all that you think you own. You may even use a color-coding scheme to rank your belongings from the most important to the least. Then ask … Continue reading Yours