Wishes and Dreams

During my 13th birthday years ago, I made a wish to have the first ever released “Air Jordan” shoes. In those days in the Philippines, when you wished to own an “Air Jordans”, you might as well wish for the moon. (This is where the Filipino phrase “Suntok sa buwan” comes from.) In the first … Continue reading Wishes and Dreams


Try this little exercise: go to your room, gaze at the stuff you have inside, and examine what is yours. In your mind, attach a tag or label to all that you think you own. You may even use a color-coding scheme to rank your belongings from the most important to the least. Then ask … Continue reading Yours


We used to call him Father Cream Puff, a term of endearment we coined for his gentle style and the puffy way he carried himself on campus. We never would have thought that Georgetown University in Washington DC would name its observatory after him. With Master’s and PhD degrees from Harvard University, Francis J Heyden … Continue reading A


Have you ever seen pure light? There is no such thing. Not even laser light, which is made with light waves being made to move in concert with each other. Even pristine white light is ordinarily incoherent and made up of a blend of colors oscillating to rhythms that are hardly synchronized. Have you ever … Continue reading Weeded


The time of Easter, our time, can be a fuzzy time. It is fuzzy in the sense that to those of us who have been graced with faith, for some strange reason, we can still find some kind of serenity (some joy even), despite the tears in this valley showing no signs of ebbing. To … Continue reading Heaven