There is Something About the Night

Originally written on June 20, 2008. All the excerpts used by this essay for reflection were taken from The Journals of Kierkegaard translated, selected and with an introduction by Alexander Dru, Harper and Brothers: New York, 1958. by Pat Nogoy SJ Payapang Daigdig Felipe de Leon, Sr. Ang gabi'y payapa Lahat ay tahimik Pati mga … Continue reading There is Something About the Night

God’s Greatest Counteroffensive

I just love this first reading for this Sunday’s mass. It is the story of Ahaz, King of Judea, whose Kingdom is about to be attacked by Syria and Israel. Isaiah tells the king to ask Yahweh for a sign to show His faithfulness to Israel. What we do not know is that Ahaz was about to make an alliance with Assyria; and so when Isaiah visits him to ask for a sign, he’s really asking Ahaz to trust Yahweh and not human alliances like the one with Assyria.