• I am a freelance OD con­sul­tant for Access for Progress, LTD and am han­dling sev­eral clients who have prod­ucts or ser­vices I also believe in and may talk about in my posts. I will be men­tion­ing it in the post itself if that is so.
  • I have worked for Linc International Management and Consulting.
  • I have worked for TELUS Inter­na­tional Philip­pines.
  • I have worked for an alter­na­tive tech­nol­ogy com­pany called Alt:Tech Energy. And was part of Solar Solutions. But even before that, I already have a per­sonal advo­cacy for the environment.
  • I was a Jesuit for almost eight years. The Soci­ety of Jesus holds a strong and spe­cial place in my heart. As such, many of my posts will have a hint of the for­ma­tion I under­went as a Jesuit. I might and will also pro­mote voca­tions for them and men­tion their works, apos­to­lates and ministries in this blog.

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