Last month I ran a marathon. I prepared for it a whole year because I knew it was going to be difficult for me. I’m not a marathon guy. I was not even a runner back in High School or University, nor an athlete. Before this, the longest I ran was 21k in a half-marathon last year. I learned that in running marathons, you need sustained energy, not bursts of power; deep focus, and most of all, the motivation to finish. This 2020, I am doing a digital project that needs sustained energy, deep focus and the motivation to finish because it has to do with daily prayer. I call this project #PrayersWrappedInQuotes: 365 Days of Prayer Disguised as Motivational Quotes. The project will (figuratively) run the whole year, with the ‘finish line’ on Dec 31, 2020! Run with me by following me on Instagram: @accessinnerpeace. Day 1 of 365 (actually 366 because 2020 is a leap year!) begins on Jan 1!

How it works: ⁠
Every day at 7AM (GMT +8), I will be posting a new Instagram image on my feed. It will have a carefully curated motivational quote that is the reflection starter for that day. I suggest you go to my profile and focus on my feed for 10minutes so you don’t get distracted by Beyonce’s or Kendall Jenner’s latest pictures (LOL)!

(1) Take 3 deep slow breaths to signal to your mind that you are entering sacred space. This is important! Don’t skip this. I’ve found this to be the difference between being ready for prayer and not being ready for one. ⁠
(2) Read the quote slowly, letting the words affect your mind first and then your heart. Pause when a word or phrase strikes you. And let that pause be the beginning of reflection. ⁠
(3) Read the accompanying reflection guide in the caption section of the feed to further deepen your reflection. I’ve designed it to be a 10 minute reflection guide.
(4) If possible (if you’re not in your commute or driving for example), journal your prayer so it becomes part of your memory bank.⁠

I will also post it on the Stories section of Instagram around 730AM (GMT+8) for it to run for 24hrs.

I would love it if you tell your friends about this!!

The Fine Print: #PrayersWrappedInQuotes is an invitation to pause and pray WHILE you are going through your Instagram feed. It’s main aim is to lessen the friction to prayer by offering a prayer opportunity right within instagram. I would love to hear people say eventually, “Ok, I’m gonna pray now,” and then open their Instagram to do that. It is also an opportunity to learn new ways of praying. At the very least, it’s 10 minutes well spent that could be the difference between having a great day and a bad one!

Run with me!

PS. I’ve also curated a SPOTIFY playlist to accompany your prayers. I use it as background music while working so I can access inner peace the whole day! Pls check the channel links below.

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