It is sometimes good to just pause and look at your life and see whether you’re still on the right path. The desire to walk with God is the desire of mystics and pilgrims. It is a desire for wholeness, it is a desire for peace. Today beg God to be able to walk with Him, because it is His path that brings joy and peace.

Prayer to Walk with God

O Lord, this is all my desire – to walk along the path of life that You have appointed me,
even as Jesus my Lord would walk along it,
in steadfastness of faith,
in meekness of spirit,
in lowliness of heart,
in gentleness of love.
And because outward events have so much power in scattering my thoughts
and disturbing the inward peace in which alone the voice of Your Spirit is heard,
gracious Lord,
calm and settle my soul by that subduing power which alone can ring all thoughts
and desires of the heart into captivity to Yourself.

All I have is Yours; do with all these as seems best to Your divine will;
for I know not what is best.
Let not the cares or duties of this life press on me too heavily;
but lighten my burden,
that I may follow Your way in quietness,
filled with thankfulness for Your mercy,
and rendering acceptable service unto You. Amen.

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